Journal of Undergraduate Research


above knee prosthetic socket, developing countries, prosthetic limbs


Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology


Mechanical Engineering


Due to a civil war in Sierra Leone many have been left with amputated limbs. In order to provide the required prosthetic limbs for victims who have above the knee amputations they need a quality custom fit socket. Custom fit sockets are very expensive so we created a universal socket meant to comfortably fit everyone. This socket is also designed to be affordable and able to be manufactured in Sierra Leone. For a functional socket, it is to be custom fitted, durable, affordable, adjustable and comfortable for the amputee. Due to varying changes to the volume of the residual limb, it must be adjusted for comfort and function. The socket does not hurt the user, and also allows to work with other existing Red Cross prosthetic components. Through interviews, international communication, and observations on the market, the following market requirements were developed: