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effects of media, ambivalent sexism, career aspiration, help-seeking attitudes, mental health services


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Evaluation of how well the academic objectives of the proposal were met I proposed some academic objectives that students must achieve through the research project, entitled above. First, students were expected to create three 15-minutes video clips. Through this activity, they have learned about ambivalent sexism, identified examples of ambivalent sexism, learned how to run focus groups, and improved technical skills dealing with media. Second, Students must submit an IRB application for this project. Their application was successfully approved, and they have learned research processes, conducted literature reviews, improved writing and hypothesis building skills, and received training in ethical issues involving human subjects thorough this activity. They did an excellent job so that their application was approved without revision. Third, students should learn how to manage and collect data. They have learned how to collect and manage data, create and manage online surveys, mentor peers, and use SPSS. They also have learned how to analyze data, which is the fourth object. I provided seminars for them to improve their statistical knowledge, learn how to use SPSS, clean up data, and interpret results. Finally, they were expected to present the finding at a national convention. This goal was the highlight of their experience. They all worked tirelessly to conduct the research project and aspire to present the results at a reputable conference. Fortunately, this study was successfully accepted by the APA, which is the most respectable association in the field of psychology. Through this activity, through this activity, they have learned how to apply to present at national conference, improve manuscript writing skills, present research at professional conferences, interact with other researchers outside of BYU, and build professional identity. Overall, all goals of the grant have been successfully met.

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