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Pokémon Go, protect the world from devastation, physical activity




The purposes of this project were to assess how Pokémon Go impacts physical activity levels in players and whether it produces short- or long-term health benefits. This project was an observational study. Subjects were required to meet three requirements to be eligible: (1) they started playing Pokémon Go when it launched in July 2016, (2) they currently use a device such as a FitBit or Apple Watch to track physical activity, and (3) they began wearing the activity tracker at least one week prior to beginning to play Pokémon Go. Once subjects were determined to be eligible, they filled out a questionnaire regarding their Pokémon Go habits and physical activity. We also gathered data from subjects’ activity trackers about their physical activity from one week before subjects started playing Pokémon Go to the day they met with us to complete the study.

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