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hospital units, cognitive interview, content validity stages




Approximately 400,000 deaths occur each year due to preventable errors in hospitals.1 Organizational learning2 is the process through which organizations progress toward achieving their desired outcomes. Hospital units can use principles of organizational learning to reduce errors and achieve excellent performance outcomes.3 Unit managers have limited evidence-based resources to guide their organization’s development toward achieving desired outcomes. The purpose of this project was to develop two reliable survey instruments to measure the presence of certain contextual factors (environment) and mechanisms (actions) that are conducive to organizational learning on hospital units. These contextual factors and mechanisms emerged from a realist review of the literature.4 The third instrument will measure the developmental stage of the unit, based on a progression of developmental characteristics.5 To develop a reliable instrument, it is recommended to follow a rigorous process including cognitive interviews and expert reviews of each item to determine its content validity, as well as the content validity of the whole survey.6

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