Journal of Undergraduate Research


special healthcare children, relationships with healthcare providers, healthcare plans




The purpose of this project was to explore the significance and influence of relationships between healthcare providers (HCP) and parents of children with special healthcare needs (CSHCN) regarding healthcare plans.

In exploring previous research conducted in this area, we found many examples of the stress related to raising CSHCN, including physical, mental, and social stress. Much of this stress involved caregivers feeling unsupported, isolated, and misunderstood. For this reason, we chose to conduct focus groups to gather data and provide connections for these caregivers that would help them feel less stressed.

Research previously conducted in this area lacked an emphasis, and sometimes a presence, of male caregivers involved in raising CSHCN. The impact on father figures and other male caregivers is important to consider, and consequently our population included caregivers of both genders.

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