Journal of Undergraduate Research


family health history, preventive health behaviors, patient behavior




The purpose of this project was to mentor undergraduate nursing students as they worked on a project to identify the most effective tools for collecting family health history and to assess the impact of knowledge of family health history on preventive health behaviors. This project helped to identify tools that can be used to collect family health history and provided evidence that informs clinical practice. This project provided multiple mentoring and learning opportunities for undergraduate nursing students. Those mentored had opportunities to prepare manuscripts and present study findings at conferences and directly see how evidence is translated into practice. Mentored students learned about the best practices associated with collecting family health history and were able to analyze and interpret this information in order to effectively educate patients about risk and prevention of disease. Additionally, students were able to assess if knowledge of family health history influences patient behavior. Students not only learned research skills but learned how to effectively collect and interpret family health history which is a valuable skill for future professional practice that can be shared with other healthcare professionals and in turn have great influence on individualized patient care.

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