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tenascin C, Hyaluronic acid, aged skeletal muscle


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Satellite cells are the progenitor stem cells of skeletal muscle (SM) that reside between the sarcolemma and basal lamina. This space is referred to as the satellite cell niche. Following injury, quiescent satellite cells are activated, proliferate then migrate and fuse to the injured region of muscle to support regeneration (3). Satellite cells in muscle tissue from older subjects migrate at less than half the speed of those in young tissue (2). This may contribute to the diminished regenerative response observed in older subjects. Tenascin C (TNC) has been identified as a de-adhesion protein that is upregulated in the satellite cell niche following injury (5). De-adhesion allows detachment of muscle cells from the extracellular matrix (ECM) to facilitate migration and cytokinesis during regeneration and remodeling of skeletal muscle (5).

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