Journal of Undergraduate Research


HiPS, hierarchal parcel swapping, multiscale subgrid model, turbulent reacting flow


Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology


Chemical Engineering


The purpose of this project is to address the unmet need for a comprehensive, multiscale, regime- and fuel-independent turbulent reacting model by using a novel, physics-based strategy called Hierarchal Parcel Swapping (HiPS). Turbulent flow has been called the most important unsolved problem of classical physics. Modeling turbulent flow is extremely important due to the fact that nearly all flows in the real world are turbulent. Though the exact details of turbulent flow are not of great importance to an engineer, the effect turbulence has on chemical reactions and the overall chemical properties is vital. The solution to the turbulence problem is obtained through models and simulations. The current issues facing turbulence modeling is that the simulations are too computationally costly or do not provide adequate resolution.