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functional MRI, neurocognitive assessment, concussions


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Americans suffer an estimated 3.2 million concussions per year. Concussions are known to cause notable and long-lasting deficits in cognitive functioning in some individuals. This creates the need for new assessment tools and technology to facilitate assessment and treatment. This study will advance research in the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) as an assessment tool in clinical neuropsychology. In recent years, cognitive tests have been adapted for administration in an MRI environment to enhance patient evaluation. However, meaningful interpretation of these test results requires normative data of healthy persons for individual patient comparison. In this project, we develop a normative database collected from a healthy population using six fMRI-compatible cognitive assessment protocols. We further demonstrate practical diagnostic application of this assessment model by presenting contrastive data from a collection of concussion patients. Upon analysis, patterns across concussion patients differed significantly from healthy controls, permitting an identification of five diagnostic neuromarkers for concussion.

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