Journal of Undergraduate Research


student perspective, interactive technology


David O. McKay School of Education


Teacher Education


With advancements in technology, educators understanding of teaching in the classroom has shifted and become less transparent. Early childhood classrooms have transitioned from printbased to technology integrated within a matter of years. This transition has led to research concerning teacher opinions (Turbill 2001)(Tertemiz 2015), student understanding (Wohlwend 2009), and use of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in the classroom (Manny 2011). While this research is accurate and important, it is broad, foreign, and becoming increasingly outdated. One study focused on early childhood students and their use of play to involve technology related ideas into a printbased classroom (Wohlwend 2009). Although this information is useful, there is need for studies that attend to young students whose classrooms have greater access to available interactive technology. This study examined how young learners react, learn, and engage with interactive technology. It provides inservice teachers and preservice teachers with the knowledge to better reach their students. The data gathered will also guide my own lessons and teaching within the classroom, focusing on student needs and wants.