Journal of Undergraduate Research


system design, cranial injury, servicemen and servicewomen, brain injuries






With over 320,000 of our troops returning home with traumatic brain injuries over the course of only six years, brain injuries among U.S. servicemen and servicewomen have become a growing concern. The purpose of this project is to assess the current risks these individuals are facing and to design solutions that provide meaningful protection.

Extensive research was conducted into the epidemiology of traumatic brain injury (abbreviated as TBI) among military personnel deployed abroad. Though the government has long had an extensive program for documenting and reporting injuries, TBI has only recently begun to be recorded and reported. In an effort to address the growing awareness of TBI, the U.S, government, along with several independent agencies, has begun to gather data on TBI and use of current protective gear. The majority of my research builds off of their data and findings.