Journal of Undergraduate Research


IAML, IMS, conference presentations, Opera and Ballet Primary Sources


Harold B. Lee Library


The grant funding enabled preparation of conference presentations by three BYU students given at the joint meeting of the International Association of Music Libraries and International Musicological Society held in New York City June 21st through 26th, 2015. The three students, Benjamin Bird, Andrew Neumayer, and Rosemary Norton were identified in advance and all three stayed with the project to its successful completion. Each student paper related to their work on an index hosted by the Harold B. Lee Library called Opera and Ballet Primary Sources (OBPS). This index provides convenient searching and linked access for more than 24,000 opera and ballet scores and librettos available for free online (https://atom.lib.byu.edu/obps/). The specific anticipated outcomes included (1) the students’ presentations, (2) intellectual development through the preparation of each student’s presentation that extends beyond the normal classroom experience, and (3) expanding each student’s perspective of the relationship between music scholarship and music cultural heritage. I believe that all of these objectives were successfully achieved.