Journal of Undergraduate Research


nursing student experiences, electronic health records, SAFER guides




The purpose of this project was to mentor undergraduate nursing students through the entire research process while they worked on a study to evaluate undergraduate and graduate nursing students’ and practicing nurse practitioners’ clinical experience and awareness of safe electronic health record (EHR) practices utilizing the SAFER guide checklists. This project provided multiple mentoring and learning opportunities for the undergraduate students who worked on this project. We exceeded the original objectives of the study and included more opportunities for student research mentoring than were listed in the original proposal. The students had the opportunity for hands-on experience with all aspects of the research process, which included opportunities to collect data, analyze data, present findings at national nursing conferences, publish articles, participate on EHR safety panels, present study findings to the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT, and directly see how research influences policy. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate nursing students who participated in the project learned about EHR safety which was valuable in their future nursing practice.

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