Journal of Undergraduate Research


Victorian literature, short fiction project, annotated transciptions






Our project was to prepare a digital collection of short stories, The Victorian Short Fiction Project (VSFP), for a scholarly review process. The VSFP is a digital anthology of Victorian-era short stories compiled and edited by students in undergraduate Victorian literature classes here at BYU. Leslee Thorne-Murphy designed the project to expand students’ knowledge of the Victorian-era short story, an under-studied genre in the field of Victorian literature, and to give them experience in the fields of scholarly editing and the digital humanities. Students would conduct research in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections library to find short fiction to study (under the direction of Maggie Kopp). They then prepared annotated transcriptions of the short stories using professional guidelines for scholarly editing, and they posted their work to a wiki designed by Michael Johnson and his team at BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning.