Journal of Undergraduate Research


Mormon influence, art of comics, special collections


Harold B. Lee Library


The purpose of this project is twofold. First, I wanted to learn more about the influence of Mormonism on the world of Comics and create a way to share this knowledge with the larger Mormon community. Second, I wanted to better understand the culture surrounding Comics in general so that I could help craft a more effective design for the Mormon Comic Art Exhibit in Special Collections. BYU has been acquiring literature pertaining to Mormonism for several decades now and has amassed an impressive collection of Comic Books and original art on the subject. Some of the works are simply created by Mormon artists and have nothing to do with Mormonism, but other Mormon artists have drawn from their faith. BYU has even collected several examples of anti-Mormon comic books. What I hope to achieve with this exhibit is to provide an opportunity for the uninformed population to learn about this entirely underrated art form and its wonderful artists. I believe there is still so much to learn and so much good that can be done if more people were made aware of the possibilities.