Journal of Undergraduate Research


map-based mobile apps, field trips and research, learning materials


Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Geological Sciences


Mobile apps are a resource that can aid in field trip instruction and enhance students’ learning. Because the specific location of the field trip is often an important element in overall understanding, map-based learning materials can be used to integrate information with the place, providing context for the concepts that will be learned on the field trip. The purpose of this project was twofold. One purpose was to provide professors with information and instructions for using map-based mobile apps to prepare students for, and provide resources during, field trips and study abroad experiences. A second purpose was to implement the apps in a variety of field trip settings. Here we present information on three map-based apps—Esri’s Story Map and Collector for ArcGIS and Midland Valley’s Field Move. We have determined that these apps are particularly effective for use before, during, and after field trips to aid in students’ understanding and integration of concepts.