Journal of Undergraduate Research


post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, veteran, education simulation




The veteran population receives health care in various locations outside of Veteran Affairs facilities. Current research supports that 18-30% of veterans suffer from PTSD. Census records show that in 2013, 19.3 million veterans living in the US, this means that nearly 3.5-5.8 million American veterans suffer from PTSD currently (Census.gov, 2014). The need for nurses to become more familiar with PTSD and specific nursing care related to PTSD is necessary to care for the diverse population we find in many health care settings. The purpose of this project was to create a simulated educational experience for nursing students in order to prepare them for caring for veteran patients with PTSD. The project will also help nursing students to fulfill the purposes of the simulation which are: 1) recognize PTSD with its associated signs and symptoms, 2) demonstrate how to implement therapeutic communication to patients experiencing hyper-anxiety situations, and 3) demonstrate knowledge concerning various support groups and treatment options for PTSD treatment and care.

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