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immunization rates, pregnant women, Tdap immunization




The purpose of this MEG to mentor nursing students through the process of implementing an education program for pregnant women regarding the importance of Tdap immunization during pregnancy, and to assist Utah County obstetric offices in improving Tdap immunization rates among their patients. Additionally, this project provided an opportunity for undergraduate students to educate the public and utilize health information-technology to empower the patient to be proactive about their care and the protection of their unborn child.

The MEG funding was successfully utilized for its intended purpose (production of a mobile application to educate and remind pregnant women about needed and upcoming obstetric appointments and tests). The average cost to produce a mobile application is $30,000, with careful management the cost of production was well below average bids. Although we were able to successfully complete the production of the mobile app and toolkit, there wasn’t enough funding for the student-led community seminars originally planned into the project.

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