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WIC clients, immunizations, community-wide educational project




Although most well-known for formula and food vouchers, the WIC Program also excels with their education programs. In fact, every three months WIC parents are required to complete authorized on-line educational modules or attend approved educational classes prior to obtaining their food vouchers for the subsequent quarter.

In Utah, WIC clients establish their eligibility for program services at the WIC location within their county of residence. The WIC Program in Utah County is one of the largest in the state, providing services for approximately 8,000 women. During 2013-2014, a troublesome trend emerged among WIC clients in Utah County – a decline in immunization rates among the infants and children receiving WIC services. The purpose of this mentored educational project was to create educational materials for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program addressing the need for adequate immunization of infants and children against whooping cough.

The MEG funding was successfully utilized for its intended purpose (creating a WIC education module on immunizations). During the mentored experience, students assisted in the development of immunization-related educational materials for WIC clients in Utah County. In addition to developing on-line educational modules, mentored students will also assist in the creation and delivery of immunization-related lesson plans for WIC-based educational classes.

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