Journal of Undergraduate Research


CSR, insurance, emotional data, strategy theory


David O. McKay School of Education


Educational Leadership and Foundations


The purpose of this project was to investigate the impact of emotional data on strategy theory, and explore the potential of using natural language processing to obtain meaningful insights from the emotional content of written text. The theory of CSR as Insurance, which relates a company’s level of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with how they are viewed by stockholders, was chosen because it is an inherently emotional theory. It holds that companies with a strong reputation for socially responsible activities are less likely to be penalized by stakeholders after a negative event—such as a corporate scandal, lawsuit, or major accident—than their counterparts who lack such a reputation. Stakeholders are seen as more likely to give reputable companies the benefit of the doubt, viewing a public blunder as an exception rather than the rule due to positive attributions of good will.