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gnotobiotic animal meta-genome, R package, phenotypic effects of genes


Life Sciences


Plant and Wildlife Sciences


Animal-associated bacteria fundamentally influence the normal function and behavior of their hosts, and understanding the genetic basis for these effects is an ongoing challenge. The traditional approach to understanding phenotypic effects of genes by mutant analysis is to perform a genetic screen. MAGNAMWAR is an R package that provides a simple and effective gene function predicting pipeline to be used as a faster alternative to a genetic screen. It uses meta-genome wide association (MGWA) and bacteria genotype-host phenotype relationships to predict bacterial gene function. Proven to be an effective gene predictor in work done with Drosophila melanogaster, this pipeline is functional for any dataset with a mono-associated organism. Currently there are no R packages that provide a simplified MGWA process to researchers. As open source software, MAGNAMWAR will allow researchers to streamline gene functionality predictions for use in future experiments.