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tear analysis, anterior cruciate ligament tear, ACL


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The tearing of the ACL is among one of the most common sports injuries seen during this era. Research shows that annually there are more than 80,000 documented cases of ACL tears occurring with a 15x greater possibility of re-tearing after reconstruction.1 Currently, there is no digitally filmed data on how the fiber bundles unravel during an induced ACL tear. Published studies utilize a Porcine ACL as the highest anatomically comparative model to Human ACL. We are looking to create a grade 3 ACL tear in both human and porcine ACL’s, and film them at high-speed while it unravels. We have created a stain made from powdered sugar and blue dye that revealed both the posterolateral and anteromedial fiber bundle architecture. This allowed the high-speed video camera to capture the ACL fiber bundles tearing from the femoral site in greater detail. A deeper understanding of ACL tear microstructure, will aid in understanding why current repair techniques are ineffective and how they can be improved.

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