Journal of Undergraduate Research


art history, Brazillian modernist, Anuta Malfatti, artist




Spanish and Portuguese


This project is centered around the artist Anita Malfatti and her teaching of art history. Malfatti was an instrumental figure in the development of Brazilian Modernism. Leaving an oeuvre composed primarily of portraits and landscapes, the majority of critics and scholars have been dedicated to recognizing interactions Malfatti had with artists in Germany and New York. She continued to paint and depict Brazilian life throughout her life but also was a teacher of art and art history.

Her lectures still exist in notebooks, though under-researched and unpublished. The main goal of this research was to access her archive, then transcribe and document the material. As sources of valuable lectures, her notebooks also contain manuscripts for conferences on modern art that Malfatti gave regarding color, form, and the arrival of modern art in Brazil. By transcribing and studying these lecture notes, I aimed to better understand how she taught art history and conceptualized Brazilian visual art.