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architecture, domestic infrastructure, compartmentalization






“Your art made me ask questions.” That is what Ari K wrote in the small book I stationed at my exhibit held in the Harold B Lee Library. When I read this, I smiled to myself. I proposed to translate the findings of my research about the relationship between architectural spaces and the psychological compartmentalization of the experiences had within into the format of contemporary artwork. The result of 26 interviews, consultations with professionals and professors, and many books and academic journals that balanced disciplines from civil engineering to family sciences was this show;; six paintings, two sculptures, and a corresponding hour-­long video piece, and sound piece. The aim of transcribing my findings into artwork was to create a space that would invite the conscious reflection on the themes that I had been researching. I also hoped to provide a environment in which my own discoveries as well as still unanswered questions could coexist and continue to reveal themselves.

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