Journal of Undergraduate Research


generational attitudes, Soviet Socialist realism, artist




German and Russian


In his biography “Raising the Banner” artist Geli Korzhev, a Socialist Realist artist, believes that Socialist Realism should have been titled as “social realism”; that “socialism is associated with politics but it should be aimed at social issues,” and that “truth is a means to learn reality.”1 By studying Socialist Realism we see more than just the politics that governed the USSR between the 1940s leading up to its collapse in 1991. My original intent for writing this paper was to show the generational attitudes reflected through Socialist Realism, by comparing how the topics of the pieces changed over time. However, as I proceeded with my reading and analysis of Socialist Realism, I began to see that many of these topics remained consistent of showing the lives of everyday men, women, and children living in the USSR.