Journal of Undergraduate Research


change for women, gender-based violence, Senegal, domestic violence, English, French




French and Italian


My project goal was to translate from French to English significant chapters of a study on gender-based violence (GBV) in Senegal documented by Dr. Fatou Diop Sall. Dr Sall is the head coordinator of GESTES, a Senegalese research group focused on gender equality. A previous group of BYU students and ORCA recipients translated sections of the document that focused on domestic violence, and published the translation with the WomanStats Project, which is the largest statistical database regarding the status of women in the world (Hudson, 2015). The chapters I translated deal with GBV in different spheres, specifically educational spaces (schools, institutes and universities). The quality of these environments is essential to promoting the success of women. As with the previous translation efforts, my data is in the process of being published with the WomanStats Project.