Journal of Undergraduate Research


annotated edition, reminiscences or Nate Salsbury, historical and biographical context






The purpose of this project was to prepare the unpublished manuscript Reminiscences of Nate Salsbury, written in the 1890s, for publication and to enter the critical conversation on the development of the frontier myth in American history. The first of three stages of the project was to do editorial work on the raw manuscript. The editing goal was to organize and clarify the narrated episodes of Nate Salsbury’s life in order to prepare it for optimal audience comprehension. Second, I thoroughly annotated the document and curated an appendix that situated the document in its historical and biographical context. Third, l used the subsequent research to craft a critical analysis of the work in context with its contemporaries and discuss how it contributes to and complicates the myth of the frontier. The analysis focused mainly on the interplay between Salsbury’s history and the history of his business partner William F. Cody in The Wild West in England, edited by Frank Christianson.