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digital journalism, anti-poverty efforts, being aware


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The world of journalism is ever changing as technology continues to advance and the world evolves. As an aspiring journalist, it is important to know what is relevant. Journalists are employed by the people, we have a duty to tell society what they should know while also keeping them intrigued by being aware of what they want to know and how they want to know it. That was the point of this project. To find an issue that we feel people should be informed about. We hoped to express why they needed to know it, give it to them in a way that they could appreciate it, and in benefit from real life journalism experiences that would give us a plethora of knowledge and experience. For our topic, we chose to focus on the Chilean economy and culture. The hope was to highlight BYU’s role in alleviating the level of poverty the country faces. We felt this was an interesting topic for our audience, it is an example of goodness, something the world could always use a little more of and we hoped it would be inspiring.

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