Journal of Undergraduate Research


medicinal plants, Nepal, Tibet, spiritual and artistic traditions, landscape


Fine Arts and Communications




For my project, I traveled to Nepal with Dr. Mark Graham. I studied medicinal plants that I came in contact with as we hiked in the Everest region. I studied how these plants fit into Tibetan traditions and how they were significant to the culture of Nepal and India. The local plants I came in contact with were recorded, illustrated, and compiled. Upon returning from my travels I researched more cultural understandings and facts about the specific plants I encountered. I then compiled my book by inputting my drawings into the computer to create templates for a letterpress. After creating the templates, I pressed each of the pages onto paper and compiled them into a book. Each of the drawings included poems and writings that I encountered while in Nepal. They each have a significant meaning to both me and the people of Nepal. My book will be placed in our trip’s exhibit on the first of February. This project provided an invaluable learning experience for me and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have represented Brigham Young University while in Nepal.