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CarePartner program, BYU, pilot program


Family, Home, and Social Sciences




Our project found a sustainable way to provide “care for the caregivers” and reduce the need for institutional care by temporarily relieving caregivers from their duties. Originally, our plan was to use TimeBanking principles to create a pilot program that relieved caregivers of their duties by giving respite to the caregivers in the form of student volunteers. Before beginning to create our program, we performed an initial needs assessment. As part of this assessment, we learned of the CarePartner program both from CarePartner’s website and one of Shannon’s (student who worked on the program for a semester) friends. Initially, we tried multiple channels of communication to contact the head of the program, but we were unable to make contact. After attempting to contact CarePartner for over a month, we decided it was necessary to proceed with the creation of our own program. However, as we started to create our program, we heard about a caregiver conference hosted by Mountainland at the Provo Recreation Center. We decided to go to the conference to receive feedback about our program from the conference attendees. At the conference, I began talking to Margene Luke. With her help we were able to get in contact with the heads of CarePartner, Geri Lehnardt and Klorisa Jolley.

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