Journal of Undergraduate Research


expository texts, EECA-R2, preschoolers


David O. McKay School of Education


Communication Disorders


Children are exposed to a variety of narrative texts from a young age. However, young children are not given this same amount of exposure to expository texts. Expository texts inform and describe as they expose a child to factual information. There is a current need in early childhood education for an assessment tool that helps teachers gauge young students’ expository text comprehension skills. In 2005, Dr. Kendra Hall-Kenyon, Dr. Janet Markham, and Dr. Barbara Culatta collaborated to develop an assessment tool to address this problem. The tool was titled the Early Expository Comprehension Assessment (EECA) and was found to be a reliable measure. Since 2005, the test has gone through two revisions. Through this study, the reliability and validity of the revised assessment tool, the EECA-R2, has been tested. This testing will help place greater emphasis in assessing expository text structures and will be beneficial to children’s future academic successes.

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