Journal of Undergraduate Research


normative perceptions, aggression among adolescents, Ukrainian, Turkish, Taiwanese


Family, Home, and Social Sciences


Family Life


The purpose of this project was to code data collected from survey’s given to adolescents in three different countries. The purpose of the survey was to investigate the current adolescent perceptions of aggression in Turkey, Taiwan, and Ukraine. We also coded data collected from the United States to use as a comparative sample. The method of coding was the Nelson et al. (2008) coding categories with slight variations instituted by Dr. David Nelson. The start of statistical analysis from the coding of the data has begun and is ongoing. The purpose of the statistical analysis is to look into the developmental, gender, and cultural differences in the reported aggressive acts of boys to boys, boys to girls, girls to girls, and girls to boys. I specifically explored whether adolescents spontaneously described unique forms of aggression, particularly relational aggression, in the Taiwanese culture. I found many responses that were unique in the sexual and physical aggression categories. The statistical analysis that I participated in was a preliminary comparison of the responses from Taiwan and Turkey, but further analysis will be conducted for more conclusive results. The team of coders presented a poster at the Mary Lu Fulton conference April 9, 2015 of the preliminary comparisons between the Taiwan and Turkey Junior Highs.