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Thank you for this MEG award. It led to important research performed primarily by undergraduate students in my laboratory. Our work resulted in some molecular pathways leading to OA that can be exploited by pharmacologic intervention. We exceeded our stated goals for the project. Work from this MEG has already resulted in 2 publications (see below; undergraduate students are in yellow). In addition, we have another paper in review at this time and three others that will be submitted within the next 3-4 months. Besides those students listed as co-authors below, other students that participated in the project are Joshua Coleman, Bradley Dorius, Steven Glenn, Jordan Lamb, Mercedes Nelson, Skylar Steel and Channing Williams. They will be included as co-authors on those publications that are either in review or nearing submission. All publications are student driven. They write the first draft. In addition to publications, students attended and presented at the 2015 meeting of the International Society of Osteoarthritis Research. About $2000 of the budget was spent on animal costs, about $1500 on supplies and the remainder was spent on student wages. The data from this MEG resulted in a NIH R15 grant proposal that was near the funding cut-off.

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