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memory response, pathogen specific, helper T cells


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The following two aims are from my 2013 MEG. We made great progress and completed most of both Aim 1 and Aim 2. Details on the progress for each aim are described below.

Mentoring Environment: This MEG allowed me to expand the size of my lab and increase the amount and quality of mentoring. I met with student each week in lab meeting as well as individually. I also had each student email me a weekly update. Students were given opportunities to do hands on work, be involved in the data analysis and presentation at local and regional meetings.

BYU students involved in mentoring: Kemais Ehlers, Bryce Anderson, Kiara Vaden, Garrett Hamblin, Deborah Johnson, Taylor Orton, Claudia Freitas, Niels Steadman, Kurt Williams, Sheldon Myers, Brian Ballard.

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