Journal of Undergraduate Research

Shayla Bott and Shani Robison, Dance


dance, somatic system, Spine Advanced Function Empowerment


Fine Arts and Communications




Alexandre Munz spent 4 full weeks on BYU campus teaching his groundbreaking somatic system and the science behind the program. The program, called the S.A.F.E. (Spine Advanced Function Empowerment) Project has which has been endorsed by the French Minister of Culture and taught all over Europe, but had never been taught in the United States before this project. BYU was the first entity in the United States to be able to learn from Munz’s research, which placed the university on the cutting edge of artistic innovation and new methodologies and strategies in dance. The dancers in both the Dance 490 and 391 courses were taught the somatic system and his S.A.F.E. Barre work for ballet technique. Dancers in Dance 498-­‐1 (BYU Theatre Ballet) learned and performed the new choreographic work that he created on them. Additionally, a dance education student was able to be mentored as we produced and created an instructional DVD of his somatic practice which is currently selling to a global audience on the BYU creative works website (http://creativeworks.byu.edu/catalog/ViewItem.aspx?item=DA002) and the official S.A.F.E. Project site (http://www.thesafeproject.net/store/shop.html).

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