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high resolution shock, GPUs, simulation code, Short Hard Gamma Ray Bursts, SHGRB


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This research project concerns the development simulation code to confirm neutron star mergers as the progenitors of Short Hard Gamma Ray Bursts. Short Hard Gamma Ray Bursts (SHGBs) are short (less than 2 second) high energy bursts that we observe with satellites. Their exact cause has not yet been confirmed, but they are believed to be created by the merging of either two neutron stars or a neutron star falling into a black hole. Neutron stars are ultra dense, highly magnetic, and compact stars at the end of their evolution. In a binary system the stars lose angular momentum to gravitational waves and come together in a hot merger. A black hole quickly forms, cutting off further emission. The high energy of the merger and formation of a black hole make them prime candidates of SHGB progenitors. Through careful simulation, it may be possible to confirm this hypothesis.

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