Journal of Undergraduate Research


streamlining, 3D animation, animated film, character effects, cloth simulation


Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Computer Science


I knew from the beginning that this project – centered around improving the collaborative process of making a 3D animated film across several “stages” and made by several artists of different specialties, temperaments, and backgrounds – would be two-fold. The first phase was learning more about the process itself, and how each phase related to another. The second, zoning in on an area that has been a weakness for BYU Animated Films in the past – character effects and cloth simulation. The project evolved much over the course of the year, with far more time and value being placed in the first stage than I foresaw. This was due largely to my opportunity to work at two different studios, Walt Disney Animation, and Lucasfilm Animation, as well as learning from various BYU mentors at PIXAR. Given that I was exposed to three very different companies, all of which are hugely successful and effective in their own 3D animation processes, I took advantage of the time to learn all I could about how BYU could learn from and emulate these companies.