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Grovecrest project, sociable behavior in children, language impairment, intervention


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The link between social communication and Language Impairment (LI) is an emerging topic in the field of speech pathology. It is known that children with LI struggle to produce and comprehend language, but it has recently been shown that these children also have notable difficulty communicating and interacting appropriately in social situations. A number of recent studies have documented that children with LI have deficits in emotion understanding (Fujiki, Spackman, Brinton & Illig, 2008). Children with LI struggle with affective theory of mind, recognizing and labeling facial expressions, and understanding emotion through prosody changes (Delaunay-el Allam, Guidetti, Chaix & Reilly, 2011). These deficits cause children with LI to experience negative social interactions and show decreased sociable behaviors (Hart, Fujiki, Brinton & Hart, 2004).

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