Journal of Undergraduate Research


Viennese kineticism, Austrian women, Austrian artists




German and Russian


While the advent of digital archives have revolutionized the discipline of Women’s Studies, the current online offerings of visual and textual works by German-speaking women artists, especially Austrian artists, lag far behind the digital collections of their English-, French-, and Spanish-language contemporaries. Brigham Young University’s Sophie Digital Library project is the largest and most-used online archive of works by German-speaking women, but its collections focus only on literature, music and science. Using the successful and widely-used platform of the Sophie archive, my mentor and I attempted to help round out the archive’s collection with an extensive digital archive of visual and textual works by the works of Austrian artists. As a focus of this bibliography, we have included a special concentration on the women who contributed to the futurist movement that came to be known as “Viennese Kineticism.”