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translation from French to English, women's rights, Senegal




French and Italian


The goal of this project was to make an academic study on violence against women in Senegal accessible to a non-French speaking audience. The study was conducted by a university research group on gender issues (GESTES) at the Université Gaston Berger, Saint Louis, Senegal. I worked as part of a team of three translators, rendering it from French into English. GESTES (in English: “Gender and Society Research and Study Group”) is coordinated by Dr. Fatou Diop Sall, a professor at the Université Gaston Berger. Dr Sall’s group study on violence done to women, published in a limited number of copies by GESTES and distributed only in Senegal, will benefit a wider swath of scholars in related fields working on Africa as well as other regions once translated into English. We have received authorization from Dr. Sall and WomanStats.org—an important scholarly clearinghouse on women’s studies—to have the translation published on that website when it is ready.