Journal of Undergraduate Research


sexual discrimination, domestic violence, Senegal, gender-based violence




French and Italian


In the fall of 2010, I spent three months working with Senegalese children both in schools and in daaras. While I taught English and administered basic first aid, I met some of the most incredible people who became my friends. Through their friendships, I gained an inside perspective into the homes, schools, and work places of those friends. In many ways, I felt very enriched by those experiences. However, I sensed occasionally undertones of sexual discrimination that saddened and frustrated me. Upon my return to BYU, Daryl Lee informed me that Fatou Diop, a professor at L’Université de Gaston Berger(St. Louis, Sénégal), had important research on women’s rights in Senegal. Last year we completed the English translation of her research on women’s property rights, which was subsequently published with the WomanStats Project. More recently, Dr. Diop has been studying gender-based violence. Thus, this project is the French to English translation of her work, entitled “Les Violences basées sur le genre au Sénégal: La Prévention comme alternatif aux perils de justice et de sécurité.”