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Studio Orchestra Club was successfully initiated and its first stages of implementation were successful. We were able to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Establish Studio Orchestra Club as an Academic Association under the Commercial Music program. This lends official recognition to the group, as well as funding from the Commercial Music program (ideally, see below). This also allowed Studio Orchestra Club to schedule room usage as an independent unit, instead of relying of faculty.
  2. Record various projects, including two film scores, a graduate audition and a concept album. Link to the audio files: https://soundcloud.com/studio-orchestra-club.
  3. Create a growing roster of BYU musicians who were interested in becoming involved.
  4. Establish and execute a plan of action for professional quality recording sessions, including setup, takedown, proper recording and production protocol, breaks, musician focus and accuracy, and catering.
  5. Be managed and run entirely by students. This includes all music review, mixing, scheduling, contracting, communication, and development of protocol.
  6. Publish materials related to the recording of these projects, including behind-the-scenes video and photo footage, interviews, and online publications.
  7. Establish a brand of excellence, professionalism, and homegrown student-led organization.

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