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trumpet transcription, Frederic Chopin, nocturnes for piano


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The art of trumpet playing has existed for thousands of years, but today’s trumpet is a relatively new instrument. The addition of piston valves in the early 19th Century (see figure 1) allowed the trumpet to play in every key, while its predecessor (see figure 2) was limited to the harmonic series of only one key. The piston trumpet came about at the start of music’s Romantic period, but little Romantic music was written for the new instrument. As a result, there is a large gap in the trumpet repertoire. There are a number pieces for trumpet without valves from the Baroque and Classical eras, and there are many 20th century works for the modern trumpet. However, there is little to no solo repertoire for trumpet from the romantic era. The purpose of this project was to find great Romantic music that would lend itself well to the trumpet and transcribe those works for solo trumpet and piano.

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