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nBmp2, mutant mouse model, muscle function, immune function, neurological function


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Microbiology and Molecular Biology


Work in the Bridgewater Lab over the last several years has focused on elucidating the function of a novel protein we discovered, nBmp2. The initial discovery presenting work performed in cultured cells (rather than whole animals) was published back in 2010 and we subsequently constructed a mutant mouse line in which nBmp2 is disrupted. Much evidence was accumulating to show that the mice have problems with muscle function, neurological function, and immune function, but some fundamental experiments necessary to validate the mouse model had been giving us problems. The absence of that data prevented us from publishing any reports on the various phenotypes in the animal model. Therefore, the whole focus of this MEG project was to validate the nBmp2 mutant mouse model so that publication of four papers could move forward.

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