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second language teaching, second language learning, teaching strategies




Linguistics and English Language


The academic objectives centered around five primary research questions:

  1. What is the relationship among (a) teachers’ view of the importance of motivational teaching strategies, (b) the frequency with which they report using motivational teaching strategies, and (c) the actual use of motivational teaching strategies in second language classrooms?
  2. How does the teacher’s motivational teaching practice affect learners’ classroom motivation in terms of the levels of their alertness, participation, and volunteering?
  3. Can teachers guide learners to take more responsibility for monitoring and maintaining their levels of motivation in second language classrooms?
  4. Can learners play a multiplier effect role in motivating their peers in language learning?
  5. What is the effect of weaving motivational teaching practices into a language curriculum so that all teachers and all learners are aware of their respective roles and responsibilities for monitoring and maintaining motivation?

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