Journal of Undergraduate Research


anatomy academy, nursing students, childhood obesity


Life Sciences




  1. 1. Evaluation of how well the academic objectives of the proposal were met and description of the results/findings of the project.

We studied the impact on student nurse mentors who volunteered to teach an anatomy based childhood obesity prevention program in area elementary schools. Student nurse mentors’ self-perceived communication, teaching and collaboration skills were measured at pre-and post-participation in the AA program. From the quantitative data collected, descriptive and inferential statistics were calculated using SPSS versions 21 (IBM Corp, 2012). Data were reviewed for outliers and data entry errors using descriptive statistics, histograms, and box plots. None were identified. Means and standard deviations for individual items and the instrument overall at pre-test and post-test are reported in Table 1. Internal consistency was evaluated using Cronbach’s (DeVellis, 2003) alpha. Pre-test alpha was .84 and post-test alpha was .74 both falling within the range that is considered generally acceptable (DeVellis, 2003).