Journal of Undergraduate Research


micro-enterprise education, creating enterprise, entrepreneurship


Marriott School of Management




In developing countries throughout the world, one often-used approach to alleviating poverty has been to encourage entrepreneurship among the poor. Micro-credit is a highly popular solution to encourage the poor to launch new enterprises, but has somewhat mixed results (Field et al., 2013; Banjeree et al., 2009; Karlan and Zinman, 2011; Kaboski and Townsend, 2011). Current literature suggests that simply giving loans to those who start businesses out of necessity is not the best approach to encourage entrepreneurial success. These writers argue that these “necessity entrepreneurs” need education in the form of business knowledge and tools to help them succeed (Brewer & Gibson). Since The Academy for Creating Enterprise offers micro-enterprise education without micro-credit loans, this study will ultimately clarify the impact that micro-enterprise education has on the ability for a necessity entrepreneur to successfully start up a business without micro-credit.