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aquifer, transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, chemical analyses, hydrochemical composition


The aim of this study was to determine the hydraulic properties of the aquifers, evaluate the chemical characteristics of groundwater, and construct a water level and hyrochemical maps. Jacob’s, and Theis’s recovery methods were used to calculate the aquifer hydraulic properties. The chemical analyses of major constituents with aid of surfer software and Piper’s diagram were used in evaluation of groundwater chemistry and construction of hydrochemical maps. The transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity of Gezira and Cretaceous sedimentary aquifers were calculated. Based on field and laboratory observations it was found that the groundwater in lower Gezira and Cretaceous sedimentary aquifers is suitable for domestic use whereas that of upper Gezira aquifer is extremely saline and considered to have been polluted by local lithological units. The hydrochemical composition of the groundwater in Gezira aquifers is NaHCO3, Ca (HCO3)2, Ca SO3, CaCl and NaSO4 water types of alkaline character. The Cretaceous sedimentary aquifer is characterized by NaHCO3, and NaCl water types.