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SWAT-CUP, Basin Scale, watershed management, crop pattern adaptability, Malaprabha sub-basin


Water being most basic necessity for sustainability of the life on globe due to intensification in the population the distribution and sharing of water resources have become added problematical issue. With the intensification of water demand due to industrialization, agricultural practices and domestic need it is important to manage the water resources in an optimum way. With this viewpoint, hydrological modeling shows vital part which can performance as a significant tool for the assessment of water at the basin scale. In the present study, the Soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) have been adopted in assessing the climate change on Malaprabha sub-Basin. The model has been executed and calibration is carried out from the year 1988-1998 and validation is done from the year 1999- 2002 due to unsatisfactory R2 and NSE values. SWAT-CUP (SUFI-2) is a semi-automated program has been employed in calibration and validation purpose. This study provides an ideology of extent of variation that may be caused in the forthcoming years in study Area and these data can be employed in designing the water structures, watershed management, and crop pattern adaptability.