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Scale, watershed, digital elevation model, hydrological modeling, soil and water assessment tool (SWAT)


The measurement scale is one of the most important aspects of remote sensing and hydrological modeling studies. Changes pertinent to scale or resolution of input data are reflected in modeling results. This study discusses different types of scales, resampling and rescaling techniques and several potential scale issues as addressed by past studies. Specifically, scale impacts of digital elevation model (DEM) and land use and land cover (LULC) data impacts on hydrological modeling results are discussed. Higher resolution data can accurately describe watershed characteristics but can be computationally intensive. Therefore, it becomes important to select a data resolution, which aides in model running efficiency by not compromising with model accuracy. The discussions in this paper could provide references for development, application, and improvement of watershed hydrological models, and increase accuracy and efficiency of hydrological model simulations and can aid in making informed decisions by watershed managers.